Dear Saint Richard’s,


My name is Cameron Nations, and I am excited to be your new rector!

If you are new to this page or looking for a church, we're glad you're here!


It almost goes without saying that these are strange and uncertain times. This moment presents us all with challenges we’ve not faced before, like getting used to wearing masks everywhere or figuring out how to stream and edit worship services— to say nothing of how to live most of our lives on Zoom. Folks are hurting. The bonds of Christian community that carry us in times of trouble have been strained in ways none of us could have imagined only a year ago. We yearn to be together, to celebrate Communion again, to gather like Christians have always gathered since the earliest days of the Church. And still more challenges surely lie ahead.


Yet despite the uncertainty of this moment, I know that God’s great grace and mercy will see us through. We will navigate this new reality together, repeating those words from our Baptism: I will, with God’s help.