What we believe

St. Richard’s is a really big, loving family that makes disciples in our city by declaring and displaying the Good News of God in Christ.

Sacramental worship and Bible study, as well as great times together, nurture lives defined by faithful stewardship and the adventure of being a witness to God's one-way love in Jesus Christ.

We have been summoned by God the Holy Trinity to be St. Richard’s Episcopal Church, Round Rock. That means we are part of a local gathering of Christians who have responded to the gospel and are formed in the Anglican Tradition for the good of the world. 

As a parish church of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, we have access to an incredible family heritage within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, from which we draw tremendous resources to support more than 350 people every week in fulfilling the promises made in baptism and confirmation. 

Primary resources include the following: 

        The Bible

        The Book of Common Prayer


        39 Articles of Religion

        The Anglican Communion Covenant

        The Marks of Mission

Our Core values


By invitation or a warm welcome on Sunday morning, people enter life-giving and gracious community at St. Richard’s. Folks find a spiritual home and roots can start to run deep. 

Sacramental worship

We gather weekly to worship and give thanks to God the Father for his lavish grace and mercy made available to us in his Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who defeated death when he died on the cross and opened up a new way of life when he rose from the dead. The Liturgy of the Word of God & Holy Communion bind us together in response to God’s one-way love in Jesus Christ. Every time we meet this way, the Holy Spirit renews and empowers us, reconnecting us to each other and driving us into the world to proclaim the gospel. 

Spiritual Friendship

Community at St. Richard’s is real. It is genuine. Friendships made here prove God’s presence in our various sufferings, as well as God’s great joy in the world he has loved. Families of all shapes and sizes have put their roots down here and thriving in response to the gospel. 1 Thessalonians 2.8 says, So deeply do we care for you that we are determined to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us. 


Being a follower of Jesus Christ is the most genuine way to be a human being. It’s also a supernatural process, and sometimes it feels like our lives are turned upside down and inside out by the Holy Spirit. It can hurt, plain and simple. There's no guarantee that you may become Miss America or really successful in your business. However, you will become a real live human being as you follow Jesus.

Generous Stewardship

At Saint Richard's, we believe that a large part of our worship includes the opportunity to give back out of what our heavenly Father has generously given to us. God's grace calls and moves us into nothing less than joyful lives of giving and sharing. One of the ways we do that is through our financial gifts, that is, by way of percentage giving every year. We have received many other gifts including our various vocations, talents, skill-sets, and that inordinately special commodity called time. We are more than happy to invest in life-changing ministry. Our fiscal budget at St. Richard’s captures the stories of transformation and expressions of God’s kingdom.

Caring & Justice Ministries

We live when and where we live to receive and prove God’s great affections for deeply hurting and very troubled people, just like us. Romans 5.5 says, God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. So, we put feet to our prayers and promises made in baptism and confirmation. We are relentless in mission discovery, mission funding, and deepening relationships with those we share life within and beyond our zip codes.

Our rule of life

Everything we ‘do’ at Saint Richard’s Episcopal Church, Round Rock fits into these four categories:

Connect: We live within a network of vibrant relationships defined by the Risen Lord Jesus. (We didn't make this up. Read 1 Thessalonians 2.8 and the Baptismal vows in the Prayer Book.)

Grow on purpose, in sustainable ways; not just by accident. (We didn't make this up. Read Ephesians 3.14-20 and Colossians 1.3-14 and the Baptismal vows in the Prayer Book.)

Serve: We internalize the idea that knowing God and serving is what we were made for. Join us as you are moved by God's one-way love and prove our Lord's affections to Central Texas, and beyond. (Again, we didn't make this up. Read 1 Peter 2.9,10 and Matthew 5.13-16 and the Baptismal vows in the Prayer Book.)

Challenge: Our challenge to you is this: at some point in the coming year, participate in at least one opportunity to (1) be connected in community, (2) grow on purpose and (3) make serving a permanent part of your life.