vestry member for volunteer coordination

Gloria Walker has been married to our current vestry member Rickey, since 1976, the same year St. Richard’s was founded. They moved from Dallas in May of 1990.

They have one daughter Valencia, who lives in San Antonio with her husband Captain Glen Walker, Jr., and two grandsons Tre and JerVaugh. Their son Justin is in California with his wife Kim. 

After graduating from David W. Carter in Dallas in May 1973, Gloria attended Mountain View Community College, where she met Rickey.

Gloria began her career at Union Bankers Insurance Company in Dallas until they closed after the founder passed away. She then worked at the Lomas Mortgage Company. After relocating to Round Rock, she worked as an administrative assistant at Austin Community College, Sears, and Star Wood Hotels, before retiring from Netspend in July 2018.

Gloria currently works part-time baby sitting.