Upcoming Events

  • Theology Live at The Brass Tap Monday Nights, 6-8 o'clock, July 9, 16, 30

    Choose a tasty beverage of your choice, maybe some food, and hear from one of our guests as they discuss friendship. Events begin with a brief keynote talk outlining both the topic and a theological comment on it. Afterward, groups of various size take up the topic and pints of craft beer in discussion. Our guests include Dr. Wesley Hill, the Rev. Nate Lee, and musician Andy Gullahorn.

  • Prayer Ministry Class Sunday, July 15, at 9:15 a.m. in the Rector's Study with Fr. Stuart & Lynell Tutor

    Every Sunday, during communion, at least two people are located by the font in the back of the church nave. (You've seen them, yes! Yes, you have!) Know what they're doing? They are waiting to pray with anyone actually who approaches them about whatever is on their mind, about whatever is going on in their lives. Some are seeking healing for themselves. Some are seeking healing for others. Maybe it's a relationship. Could be a cancer diagnosis. This brings up the obvious question, Does God heal today? There are stories in the Bible about people being healed. Maybe there are stories your cousin has told you. The question persists today. Join Lynell Tutor, Vestry Member for Pastoral Care, and Fr. Stuart, to talk about prayer ministry at St. Richard's on Sundays, July 15 in the Rector's Study at 9:15 am. We'll explore the questions you might have and the foundations of prayer ministry at St. Richard's you can experience any given Sunday and Wednesday.

  • Film Club Thursday, July 26, 7:00-8:30 p.m., Parish Hall, Classroom 1, with Aaron Kirk & Amy Nordhausen

    Like discussing movies and what they might mean to you or even the filmmakers themselves? Do you have thoughts on meaning, spirituality, and what makes quality storytelling? Then join hosts Aaron Kirk and Amy Nordhausen as we talk about movies from all angles - from pure entertainment value to the creative craftsmanship of making a film and putting it into the world. On Thursday, June 21st, we'll discuss the Mr. Roger's documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor.

  • Artist Talk with Tom Cooper Sunday, August 12 at 9:15 a.m.

    Our parish hall is filled with beautiful photography created by Tom Cooper. Please join us August 12th during the Sunday School hour in the parish hall to hear his story, learn more about the artist and his creative process.

  • Small Group Sign Up

    Sign up for a St. Richard's Small Group today! Small groups are the easiest way to dive more deeply into community here in our parish. Find new friends, find God, and eat lots of good food. Fill out the postcard folded into your order of service and drop it into the offering plate or at the Small Group table in the Parish Hall. You can also register here.