Family & children's ministries

How can I connect?

Our St. Richard's families with young children are connected via Remind and email.  Click here to get a brief reminder each week about goings on.

Mother Kelly also maintains a private Facebook group for our church and school families.  You just need to answer three easy questions to join.

Our geographical small groups are building. Let Mother Kelly know your address, and she can add you to a small group, even if it's just so you know what other St. Richard's families are close to you. 

Children's Formation: what's offered?

Good Shepherd Chapel, Sundays - 9:00am on youtube

Mother Kelly posts a 15 min. video on our church YouTube site at 9:00am each Sunday morning.  It's designed for the 4-12 year old child, and also models for parents how to help their child come close to our Lord, through the Holy Bible and our liturgy (how we worship).

Playground time for 3-6 yr olds

Until we reopen our Level I atrium in the fall 2021, we have two Safeguarding certified staff ready to greet you child during the Christian formation hour, 9:15am-10:15am, April 11-May 23, 2021.  Please bring a water bottle, marked with their name.  The playground is behind the admin building, farthest back on the campus.

Bible Study for 10-12 yr olds - 9:15am Sundays

This group will meet out on the green, as long as weather permits, and will lift up the scripture passages that will be heard in church that Sunday.  Please contact Mrs. Karen Burnup, for further information.  No advance sign up necessary, but masks will be required.  Please bring your Bible. 9:15am-10:15am, April 11-May 23, 2021.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for 6-12 yr olds

9:15am-10:15am, April 11-May 23, 2021online registration required.  We have spaces for up to ten children each Sunday, in our quiet, spacious atrium.  Read more below.

(The Level I atrium for 3-6 yr olds, will reopen in the fall 2021, on Sunday, August 22, 2021.  See playground time info above.)


You're in for a beautiful discovery.  Check out the video links below.  The program began in the Roman Catholic tradition, and is now found in many Christian traditions.  If your child has never visited our Atrium, it's helpful to have an introduction first.  Please contact Mother Kelly to set up a time for a walk around.

Where is it? 

The combined Level II and III atrium is located in the building furthest back on the campus. Meet us in the breezeway, for covid-related protocols before the child will enter the building.  Two Safeguarded adults will be on hand to welcome your child.  

What is CGS? 

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Montessori-based, Christian spiritual formation program for children aged 3-12.  Atrium time involves hearing God's word, presented often with materials for even deeper reflection.  The child is then invited to continue working with those materials, or respond to the presentation with artwork.  It is a place our adult helpers also love to be, with the children, encountering our Lord together. 


What do they learn?

We instead like to ask, "Whom do they get to know?" Over the course of their time in the Atria, from age 3 to 12, your child will grow to know deeply the love of the ​Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and how the Bible and our worship of God reveal this great love for them and all His creation. With learning that extends directly from our liturgy and scripture (beginning with Parables, Prophecies, and narratives, and expanding further into the Old Testament and more as they grow), your child will come to realize that God has always had a plan to bring all of us into His Kingdom, and that they too have a role in this great Plan.

Who came up with it? 

Sofia Cavaletti, a Hebrew and Scripture scholar, and Gianna Gobbi, an educator and collaborator with Maria Montessori, initiated this method of Catechesis in the 1950s. Often called a living work, the Catechesis, as it is known, is the product of the careful observation of children for over 60 years. 

Check out just a sample of the available videos below.  Please contact Mother Kelly for an orientation or questions.

This one below features our friends at Eastern Orthodox church, St. John the Forerunner in Cedar Park.

This includes some history of Maria Montessori...