Our core values

Everything we do at Saint Richard’s Episcopal Church is guided by the prayer of St. Richard: to KNOW Jesus more clearly, LOVE Him more dearly, and FOLLOW Him more nearly day by day. So what does that look like?

KNOW: We grow on purpose. We seek out opportunities to strengthen our relationship within each other and with Christ with all our heart, soul, and mind. We do this through worship, prayer, study, and fellowship.

LOVE: We serve our community. We believe that loving God means loving our neighbors through service. We invite you to join us as you are moved to serve with us at Saint Richard's and the surrounding community.

FOLLOW: Following Christ means being a disciple. Disciples are followers with a purpose—to learn about Jesus and to live by his example. We offer numerous ways for you to grow in your faith here at Saint Richard's.


At St. Richard's we seek to live out the great commission (to make disciples) through the great commandment (to love God and love our neighbor). We do this through:


By invitation or a warm welcome, people enter life-giving and gracious community at St. Richard's.

Sacramental Worship

We gather weekly to worship and give thanks. We participate in weekly communion and celebrate baptism, confirmation, and marriage. 


Being a follower of Jesus Christ means ...

Justice Ministry

We believe that following Jesus means engaging actively in the community. Saint Richard's partners with area organizations to serve those in need and to bring equality and justice to a hurting and broken world.