Saint Richard's pumpkin Patch

When: Thursday, October 1st - Saturday, October 31st; Sunday-Friday, 12:00 p.m. til Dark & Saturdays 9:00 a.m. til Dark


Where: 1420 E. Palm Valley Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78664

Every year, families and couples make memories in Round Rock's Pumpkin Patch as they join St. Richard's in raising several thousand dollars to benefit Round Rock Serving CenterRobertson Elementary School, and Hope Alliance. None of the profits go to Saint Richard's. All proceeds go directly to organizations in and around the Round Rock community.


Steady growth in attendance and pumpkin sales each year make Saint Richard's one of the largest pumpkin patches in Texas and one of the top five church pumpkin patches in the nation.

Help St. Richard's celebrate its 21st pumpkin patch season this year by loading up a wagon full of pumpkins and taking pictures among the mounds of pumpkins! Tag us in your photos and let your friends know where to come get the best pumpkins while also supporting local charities.


Pumpkin University for Volunteers, Sundays, Sept 19 & 26: After in-person 8am worship service

Patch Setup, Saturday, Sept. 25th: Sign Up

Pumpkin Truck Unloads, (Dates Announced via Day By Day Email and on Social Media)Sign Up

Volunteer at the Patch, October 1st-31st: Sign Up

Patch Tear Down Saturday, November 6th: Sign Up


Fall is rapidly approaching…OK it’s really like Summer only with pumpkins! Which means, once again, Saint Richard’s will be blessed with over 10,000 pumpkins and gourds! Though COVID-19 has certainly been difficult, we are happy to open the Patch with the necessary measures to keep everyone safe, while also bringing some joy and normalcy to a changing world.  

COVID-19 has created a big challenge for our church volunteers, as most are at-risk retirees.  Even so, larger opportunities remain for parishioners to be visible in their witness and service toward our greater community needs. Therefore, in compliance with both government and diocesan guidelines, we have implemented the following safety procedures:

Daily Operations:

  • 50 customers maximum permitted inside the patch to provide adequate physical distancing.
  • Our Good Samaritan volunteers and all patrons should sanitize their hands before/after visiting the patch and mask up when physical distancing limits are approached.A sanitizing table will be located outside the entry gate.
  • The Welcoming volunteer will manage the 50 person limit during busy periods usually occurring the last two weeks in October.
  • The sales table will have a plexiglass barrier and sanitizing materials to protect a single sales volunteer.
  • Traffic flow and distancing marks will direct customers inside the tent to afford appropriate separation for 3 wagons. Three additional distancing spots will be marked outside the tent.  Directional arrows will be spray painted on the ground for desired flow.
  • During the busiest days/weeks, we will add a cash sales only position. The additional increase in number of needed volunteers will tally up total sales/donations for those in the queue.  Cash customers can be expedited through direct coordination between the tallier and the cash only sales volunteer. 
  • Sales volunteers will sanitize the tablet, docking station and cash drawer upon opening, at shift change and closing.  The Pumpkin Meister will sanitize all the above and spray the wagon fleet prior to daily opening.

Patch Set Up, Tear Down & Truck Unloads 

  • Arriving volunteers will sign in with name and phone # for tracing purposes.  Temperatures will be taken and sanitizer station provided.  Bring mask and gloves for use while unloading and transporting pumpkins.
  • Wagon loading flow needs to apply physical distancing norms.
  • Upon coordination with Pumpkins USA, ALL of our pumpkins will be contained in palletized bins and stacked two high inside the truck which affords us an enhanced Covid unload protocol.  A pump floor jack and fork lift will mechanically remove the stacked palletized bins from inside the truck. Wagons will be loaded from the bin locations by a team of 4 persons.  Only 2 or 3 people need be positioned in the truck to move pallets toward the open end.