Community Groups


Interested in forming deeper relationships with other people while also growing in your faith?

Consider joining a Community Group! Community Groups are where we come together for fellowship, study, and fun.

There are two kinds of Community Groups here at Saint Richard’s:

Small Groups

  • These are intentional groups of 8-12ish people who meet regularly for fellowship, prayer, and study. 
  • The main purpose of these groups is spiritual growth and discipleship. To join a small group, just scroll to the section below.

Social Groups

  • These are groups of any size that meet around a shared activity.
  • The main purpose of these groups is fellowship and relationship-building. There’s no need to formally “join” these. You can drop in as you please!
  • We’ll be adding more information about active social groups soon, so check back often!

To view a current list of Small Groups or Social Groups, click the button below.


  • Small groups help encourage spiritual growth through deep discipleship
  • They encourage vulnerability by providing a safe place for wrestling with difficult spiritual questions and challenges of life. 
  • Small groups allow for pro-active, personal spiritual formation in a way that is different than what we can offer on Sundays.
  • Ultimately, small groups are places where God can show up, and where our faith can transform our living in powerful ways.

If you are interested in joining a Saint Richard’s small group, click the sign-up link below!