Worship Ministries


Welcoming people to Saint Richard’s is the job of every member in the congregation. But, there are a few special people who are gifted with God’s warm and welcoming spirit! These people are our ushers.

Ushers are among the first to arrive at church and prepare the church for the congregation.  They see that the church is in proper condition to receive guests and distribute the Order of Service to the congregation as needed. Ushers also welcome visitors and help them feel comfortable, explaining the Order of Service, the Prayer Book, and the Hymnal to those new to the Episcopal Church. 

If you are passionate about welcoming people into God’s church, please contact Aubrie Wade for more information about becoming an usher.


Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors assist our clergy in worship services by reading the lessons, leading the prayers, and administering the chalice. Some also assist by taking communion to our members who are home-bound, sick, or in nursing homes through our Community of Hope ministry. 

To get more information on becoming a Lay Eucharistic Minister, contact our Verger serving Lectors and Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Duke DuTeil.


Our Altar Guild is responsible for most of the behind the scenes work necessary to make worship happen. They not only prepare the articles used for Communion, but also care for the linens, prepare for Baptisms, and clean up after each service. The Altar Guild holds an important place in the heart of the Episcopal Church, as its members are entrusted with the care and preservation of some of the church’s most important and sacred items.

If you’re looking for transforming, important work, join the Altar Guild today! Please contact Joanne Davey for more information.


As far back as the mid third century, candidates for the priesthood served the church’s clergy in the minor order known as the acolytes (other minor orders were porters, lectors, and exorcists). The order of acolytes evolved over many centuries into a “lay” ministry, that is, comprised of regular non-ordained adults wishing to assist and participate more in the church service. These days across the Anglican Communion, most churches have their youth serve in the role of acolyte, although there are still plenty that use adults in that role. Here at Saint Richard’s, our youth, grades 5-12, serve as lighters of candles, torchbearers, servers, crucifers, thurifers, and banner bearers. Our youth are not only important in their service to the clergy and making the worship service run smoothly, they also stand at the altar as representatives of the congregation. Being an acolyte gives our youth the opportunity to be more engaged in the worship service and learn more about the church.

If your child has an interest in serving their church during the worship service, please email the acolyte master at acolytes@saintrichards.org or contact a member of the clergy.